White Horse Technical Consulting

Network Administration / Standard IT Services                  $50 / hr

These services include, but are not limited to the following:

·   Set up and administration of file, web, and email servers (Microsoft, Linux, and Apache)

·   Troubleshooting network issues

·   Set up and administration of virtual private networks (VPN’s)

·   Specification and sale of servers and personal computers (PC’s) (Microsoft and Linux)

·   Automation of server tasks through scripting


A VPN connection between WHTC offices and respective customer site(s) is required.

Monthly service contracts are available if desired.

Custom Application Programming                                            $75 / hr

Custom application programming can create a program not available on the retail market – to meet specific customer needs.

Custom Spreadsheets                                                                   $50 / hr

MS Excel is a powerful program, particularly when customized for specific customer needs.

 Technical Writing                                                                         $ 50 / hr

Well-written reports and documents are critical when conveying important information.